Gwangju Uprising Remembered, Naver's Stake in Line, Pressure to Decouple from China

Gwangju Remembered on 44th Anniversary, Tensions Over Japanese Government Pressure on Naver to Sell Line Stake, Pressure on Korea to Decouple from China

Naver and Line icons on smartphone display
Naver's Stake in Line Messenger is at stake in challenge from the Japanese government - credit: Nikkei

Gwangju Keeps May 18 Uprising Spirit Alive on 44th Anniversary

This week, the city of Gwangju commemorated the 44th anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Uprising, a pivotal event in South Korea's struggle for democracy. Thousands of citizens participated in official ceremonies and grassroots events to honor the sacrifices of those who fought against military dictatorship in 1980 and to reflect on the enduring significance of the Uprising's ideals.

The government-organized commemorative ceremony at the May 18 National Cemetery was attended by President Yoon Suk-yeol and other political leaders across the aisle. In his remarks, Yoon paid tribute to the "noble spirit of the Gwangju democratization movement" and pledged to "do everything possible to defend and develop Korea's democracy." The opposition Democratic Party, which has traditionally claimed the mantle of the pro-democracy movement, vowed to carry forward the Uprising's legacy and push for deeper reforms.

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Jamie Larson